Zen Ki Yoga with Janie Larmour is so much more than ‘just yoga’ and so different to anything you’ve ever done before!

Zen Ki Yoga is a Japanese form of yoga based on shiatsu therapy and oriental medicine. By focusing on aligning and supporting your body with the changes of the season, Zen Ki Yoga strengthens your body internally, corrects imbalances and weaknesses and addresses specific areas for weight loss and strength.

Zen Ki Yoga follows the traditional oriental medicine and macrobiotics which are based on the 5-element theory, the principles of yin and yang. While Zen Ki Yoga is a fabulous exercise system, it is much more than that as it addresses the emotional, psychological and spiritual levels, making it a powerful tool to address almost any issue.

All Zen Ki Yoga poses are possible for all people to perform. If we find difficulty performing any poses, it reflects the declining state of our body’s health. The good news is that if we persevere with these poses, they will become easier as the body actually makes changes and we move toward better health. Said in another way, Zen Ki Yoga makes changes to your health and your body, even changes that you thought were never possible!! I have been in the health/fitness industry for over 17 years now and have never found anything else that gives anyone faster changes.

This yoga is based on the meridian system. Meridians are invisible lines of energy you can actually feel in your arms, legs, torso and head. Each meridian relates to a different organ, season, taste, emotion and psychological state. The 12 major meridians are energy pathways in which ki (energy/life-force/prana/chi) moves through out the body. When ki (pronounced ‘key’) is not flowing correctly, disease or illness is the result. We believe that illness, whether of the body, mind or emotions, can be corrected by addressing the ki in the body and ensuring that it flows in harmony so that the body, mind and emotions are balanced.