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Moroccan Natural Argan Hair Treatment helps to prevent hair from breaking, frizzing, and counteracts the consequences of modern day living. Helps rid your hair of dry split ends, restoring the hair to a healthy, shining condition. MOROCCAN NATURAL argan hair treatment 30ml
Price: $35.75
You'll earn 60 points
​Living Libations Scalp Tonic is a deeply nourishing tonic for the health of the scalp and hair. LIVING LIBATIONS scalp tonic 30ml
Price: $41.00
You'll earn 50 points
​Living Libations crowning glory hair oil delivers nourishing essential oils to hair roots, and scalp too. LIVING LIBATIONS crowning glory hair oil 30ml
Price: $60.00
You'll earn 90 points
It only takes 3 drops of the Antonin .B Ceramides Enriched Desert Serum to bring vibrancy back to your hair. It is particularly suitable for dry, colour treated or chemically processed hair. ANTONIN .B ceramides enriched desert serum 20ml
Price: $64.00
You'll earn 100 points
CRIA Brow Enhancer and Conditioner creates visibly healthier, thicker, fuller brows. CRIA brow enhancer and conditioner
Price: $57.00
You'll earn 100 points
CRIA Hair and Scalp Booster is your organic choice for dull, thinning, brittle hair. CRIA hair and scalp booster 120ml - refill
Price: $57.00
You'll earn 100 points
​Living Libations camellia oil revives elasticity and reduces dry lines. Traditionally used by Geishas to keep hair shiny and soft, to remove make-up, and to moisturise skin, hair and nails. LIVING LIBATIONS carrier oil - camellia 30ml
Price: $27.00
You'll earn 40 points