The Stass & Co. Body Brush is an all natural, vegan friendly, luxurious product.
The perfect addition to any self-care arsenal, bathroom, hotel room or health spa.

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Stass & Co Body Brush is made from luxurious walnut wood with natural sisal bristles. STASS & CO body brush
Price: $53.00
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The Body Brush by Stass & Co’s round shape and ergonomic handle is designed to target specific areas of the body for maximum benefit.

The sisal bristles, sourced from the agave plant, provide a moderate level of firmness when massaged into the skin and the walnut wood finish gives the brush a luxurious feel.

“Spending a few moments every day to ground your intention back into your body, will dramatically increase your mind-body connection. Dry body brushing provides a daily opportunity for self-care, healing & healthy glowing skin.”
— Bec Jakstas | Founder