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​Completely edible and organic, this lush body-butter explores every curve and crevice, saturating skin with delicate botanicals like jasmine, ylang ylang, ginger and nutmeg. LIVING LIBATIONS languid love butter 50ml
Price: $46.20
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​Living Libations’ Radiant Love Butter is a delectably melting, melding, edible love liniment. At last, a massage crème that glides, slides, smoothes and soothes the passions of your skin. LIVING LIBATIONS radiant love butter 50ml
Price: $46.20
You'll earn 90 points
​Living Libations Yoni Petal Passion promotes increased elasticity, tones the tissue, and soothes parched petals. LIVING LIBATIONS yoni serum - petal passion 30ml
Price: $51.70
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Live Native Love Lube is a seductively aromatic ‘all-purpose’ premium quality sex lubricant. LIVE NATIVE love lube sex lubricant 30ml
Price: $42.60
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