BLISS ELIXIR schisandra 50g
Bliss Elixir schisandra - adaptogenic sex, mind and beauty tonic. Organic, naturopathic, powdered plant supplements based on ancient knowledge and modern science, for optimum wellness, longevity and beauty from within
approx. 50 serves

schisandra (schisandra chinensis)*

* sourced from certified organic farmers

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This natural beauty tonic helps to protect skin from environmental stress and toxin accumulation while promoting hydration. It has been widely used to treat skin diseases due to its anti-inflammatory effects.

Schisandra has been taken by women in China for many hundreds of years because of its ability to make the skin soft, smooth and beautiful. It is believed to work by balancing the fluids of the skin

It has also been used for centuries, with much success with people who suffer from mental disorders such as anxiety, depression and mood swings.

One of the oldest uses for schisandra is promoting mental clarity and raising energy levels. Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners use it to naturally improve mental capabilities and promote sharper concentration, increased motivation and better memory. Studies also show a link between its use and protection against neurological and psychiatric disorders, including neurosis, schizophrenia, alcoholism and even alzheimers.

Schisandra is renowned for helping to increase energy at the cellular level. It has an unusual dual effect on the nervous system. It is a mild central nervous system stimulant that enhances reflexes, work performance, and mental activity. At the same time it is calming and helps relieve anxiety and stress-induced palpitations. It can also help prevent immune depletion caused by stress. It also helps to enhance other aspects of endocrine function and male and female reproductive health and healthy sexual energy.

It is renowned for helping to enhance non-specific (endocrine-mediated) immune system function, the part that is most affected by stress and is inhibited by chronic anxiety, anger, depression or fear.

One study showed evidence that Schisandra enhances mitochondrial antioxidant status. They proposed that this effect offers generalized protection against environmental, emotional, and chemical stressors.

Research shows that schisandra is beneficial for fertility and hormonal health, helping promote a strong libido, preventing sexual dysfunction like impotence and positively affecting the reproductive organs, including the uterus.