Ocean Safe . Earth Safe . Tested On Humans
Combining the alchemy of organic cold pressed oils, herbs, unrefined plant butters and waxes, we create real skin nutrition straight from the Earth.

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Sun Butter (SPF 40) by People of the Earth is unlike any skin care with SPF you’ve ever used. Nutritionally dense luxurious whole-food organic butter with ecoCert Zinc Oxide that provides high SPF protection. Our Coconut Cacao butter is enriched with Jojoba, Shea and botanical antioxidants, and blended with Zinc-Oxide.

Good for the Earth, good for you and giving back in all its ingredients.

As surfers, water lovers and Mothers this formula had to be high performance and water resistant.

Formulated and proven on our own small people, outdoor fanatics and ocean zealots.What we put on our skin ends up in our bloodstream and is absorbed into our organs. For this reason we only choose natural ingredients, most of them you could actually eat.

Our goal is to bring you products where every ingredient is considered for its social and ecological footprint. Our products do not harm the environment in their manufacture nor pollute it through their use. Allowing you to play and immerse in the Earth’s wildness without compromising her purity.

The Sun Butter formula contains the purest and least processed cold-pressed virgin organic and fair trade ingredients. It differs from other natural SPF skincare products as there are NO industrial filler oils such as grape-seed, sunflower or canola to bulk the product out.

No industrial oils (NO grape seed, sunflower, canola)
No chemical UV filters
No preservatives
No titanium dioxide
No hormone disrupting chemicals

It’s time to give back, to restore, re-liven, re-wild, rejuvenate and think forward. Join us on this mission. Let’s choose the world we want to live in. Let every purchase you make cast a vote towards this world.