Parfums Lalun spring from the soil to nourish the skin, awaken the mind and delight the soul.

Parfums Lalun are complex invisible constructs using naturally extracted fragrance materials that include the maker, Maggie Mahboubian's own botanical tinctures and enfleurages as well as high quality essential oils, absolutes, CO2 extractions, fractional distillations and a few select natural isolates.

The botanicals are either wild-grown in Maggie's biodynamic garden in West Hollywood or ethically wildcrafted by Maggie from pristine sources in the Hudson Valley where she spends her summers. The essential oils are distilled from wildcrafted plants and enhance the benefits of the freshly extracted botanicals. Maggie harvest each plant with mindfulness, respect and intention; asking for permission and singing "blessings on the blossoms, blessings on the fruits, blessings on the leaves and stems, blessings on the roots. Thank you for your gift” as she collects. Maggie learned this blessing from her daughter's Waldorf school where it was sung before meals.

There are parallels between Maggie's work and traditional alchemy, not only in the transformation of botanical matter, but in the use of ingredients that owe their existence to methods invented by Arab and Persian alchemists. All ingredients are potentized through daily succussion and vortex stirring while macerating and are solar/lunar infused from moon to moon.

Crafted by hand in micro batches Maggie maintains simplicity (and transparency) in her formulas.