Olive Leaf Australia’s Extracts are the world’s only medical grade olive leaf products extracted directly from fresh, alive olive tree leaves.

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OLIVE LEAF AUSTRALIA olive leaf extract is the most effective wide spectrum herbal ingredient that has been a source of health for thousands of years. OLIVE LEAF AUSTRALIA olive leaf extract 500ml
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Olive Leaf Australia's property has plentiful rainfall combined with more than 300 days of sunshine every year which gives each Olea Europaea the perfect climate to grow in full health.

They utilise the very best grove management techniques borne from decades of experience with Olea europaea trees. Combining the most advanced foliage analysis systems with the rich volcanic soils, organic fertilisers and rainwater, Olive Leaf Australia produce some of the healthiest Olea europaea trees in the world.

Harvesting of the leaves is done at sunrise to ensure that only the freshest and most suitable foliage is selected. Each leaf bundle is quickly and carefully taken to the on-site processing centre before any deterioration can occur.

After the foliage is harvested, it passes through a range of proprietary extraction and purification processes before being sealed away from heat, light, oxygen and any possible contaminants. As well as meeting the strictest of health regulations, this efficiency and careful storage also ensures that the vital active compounds (Oleuropein, hydroxytyrosol, caffeic acid, tyrosol and many others) are kept ‘alive’ to increase their maximum effectiveness.