NOTES TO MY FUTURE DAUGHTER by Catie Gett is a book of notes for all women and for men who love women
NOTES TO MY FUTURE DAUGHTER by Catie Gett is a women's health initiative for all women and for men who love women.

A collection of notes that will hopefully make you smile, laugh, maybe cry, to speak kindly to yourself and to other women, to care for the earth more and want to make it a safer world for women.
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(passage from the book)
By the time an intelligent, clever woman leaves her home, she has been exposed to over 500 hundred chemicals. She has washed in them, cleaned with them, applied them, eaten them, drunk them, sprayed them on and breathed them in. These chemicals are being marketed to very clever, highly educated and extremely discerning women and it’s working. And it’s working because she doesn’t like patchouli, or camping, or chakra cleanses or nonsense. And when I tell her that antiperspirants contain chemicals toxic to females, it’s not the first time she’s heard it, it’s also not going to be the second time she chooses to ignore it. So how do I get her to notice, to pay attention and to be aware? To become educated and informed about her health, despite its counter culture tones? How do I make her understand that just because something is not widely accepted, that it is in fact scientifically validated and that this lack of education is harmful? Very recently I figured out how. It’s simple, you write it for her daughter, then she will listen because she was born to protect her.

Catie Gett is a successful Clinical Naturopath, practicing for the last eight years, after graduating from a Bachelor of Health Science. During which time she has opened the celebrated nominal-waste wholefood shop, The Staple Store. Built an organic following of 38,000+ followers on social media channels, including Instagram and Facebook. Crowdfunded and self published (almost) the women’s health initiative ‘Notes To My Future Daughter’. Organised and presented dozens of sold out lectures and workshops. Contributed to The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Design Files, MPavillion, The Holistic Ingredient and many more. Collaborated and consulted on numerous menus through out Melbourne including Joost Bakker’s Brothl. And raised a beautiful little daughter Scout.

Catie takes five things very seriously; being a mama, health promotion and education, feminism, the environment and her font choices. She uses clever and empathetic creative writing to reach a wide range of demographics. Educating people about wellness, preventative health, integrative medicine and food as medicine. As an environmentalist she is passionate about wholefood eating, reduced waste foods, local provenance and organic agriculture.

Catie lives in Melbourne with Scout, a pile of laundry, a half eaten piece of cold buttered toast, an enviable muesli collection and her well loved Macbook Air.