My Magic Mud Tooth Powder is a 100% natural way to whiten your teeth and improve oral hygiene.

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​My Magic Mud Tooth Powder is the leading alternative to conventional teeth whiteners, which are frequently reported to tarnish the enamel and cause harm to the gums. MY MAGIC MUD whitening tooth powder 30g
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Is My Magic Mud® Tooth Powder Safe For My Enamel?

Yes, and it's now lab verified safe. Our tooth powder has been independently examined by Missouri Analytical Laboratories and confirmed to be completely safe for your enamel. The lab conducted an American Dental Association standard RDA test and My Magic Mud® Tooth Powder - Detoxifying Tooth Powder received a value of 116, and a pH level of 9.16. Lab results will be made available on inquiry. This means our tooth powder is just abrasive enough to clean, and with the low-abrasivity and such a high pH level, it's completely safe to use. This was a very expensive and highly technical test; we are committed to ensure we're delivering the best tooth powder around. We strongly advise against using tooth powders and whitening systems without looking at these two values: RDA and pH.

Do I use this in place of toothpaste?

Yes. We recommend using this in place of toothpaste at night right before you go to bed. Use a natural toothpaste in the morning. My Magic Mud® Tooth Powder is so powerful that you only need to use this at night. We want you to completely purify your mouth and undo some of the damage caused throughout the day.

What is My Magic Mud® Tooth Powder?

My Magic Mud® Tooth Powder is a tooth powder that becomes a paste while you’re brushing. We use the finest granular powder possible so it's not gritty. The reason we left this in powder form and rather than a paste, is because we want this to activate and begin a process called 'adsorption' as soon as it touches the saliva in our mouth. We also did not want to include anything in this formula that you don't need. So the only we could deliver this with maximum potency, is by leaving it in powder form.

Will this cause any tooth and gum sensitivity?

Not at all. In fact, many customers have reported that they use this a remedy for teeth sensitivity. For people with severe gum inflammation, we suggest using ultra-soft bristles with My Magic Mud® Tooth Powder.

How long will this take to whiten my teeth?

My Magic Mud® Tooth Powder is a natural way to whiten your teeth. You simply brush for two minutes at night, just before bed, and the whitening follows from the deep cleaning. This is also a natural way to effectively remove plaque and extrinsic stains caused from coffee, tea, wine, and yellowing from different foods and beverages. The amount of time it takes depends on what is currently yellowing your teeth. On average, people notice whitening occur after fourteen applications. However, stay committed, and your smile will continue to get brighter and your oral health will continue to improve.

What does My Magic Mud® Tooth Powder taste like?

This is a completely flavorless blend. Many natural toothpastes and powders have a funky taste, not ours. Even kids use our product without complaint. How often should I use My Magic Mud® Tooth Powder? We suggest using this product once at night just before you go to bed, however you can use as often as you’d like. See video:

Is this safe on Veneers, Crowns, Dentures?

Thousands of customers have reported that they’ve used My Magic Mud® Tooth Powder on their dental work, and that they are very happy with the results. People even use this product to clean their dentures. There are no chemical bleaches in our product, so you don’t have to worry about My Magic Mud® Tooth Powder harming dental work, like you would traditional whiteners. Because of liability reasons, we have to tell you to use this on dental work at your own risk.

What happens if swallowed?

Nothing. Our tooth powder is made with supplement grade ingredients that are good for you.

Are your ingredients certified organic?

All of our extracts are certified organic. Activated coconut shell charcoal is a carbon so it logically cannot be considered organic. We use the highest quality, ultra-fine granular charcoal available in the USA. Calcium bentonite clay is a volcanic ash so it cannot be considered organic either, however we use the highest grade calcium bentonite clay on the planet, it's food grade, and completely purified. Our calcium bentonite clay is mined in California and is intended for ingestion.

Caution: playing with Mud can be a little messy. Here's some helpful tips on how to minimize the mess and maximize the magic.

Our tooth powder is made with activated coconut shell charcoal, which is an effective teeth whitener and detoxifier, however it can be messy for inexperienced users. We’ve gathered recommendations from our most dedicated customers to help you minimize the mess, and maximize the magic:

  • Brush with My Magic Mud® Tooth Powder and then jump in the shower before you rinse. This is highly recommended because the longer you have our tooth powder in your mouth, the more effective it is. Once you’re in the shower, you can rinse this right down the drain. Use the running water and your toothbrush to give your teeth one last go over to help remove additional My Magic Mud® Tooth Powder residue. Once you’re out of the shower, it is recommended to floss.
  • Instead of spitting out My Magic Mud® Tooth Powder, you can simply leave this in your mouth and go right to bed. This is only suggested if you’re literally going right to bed, with no funny business in between.
  • If you enjoy that typical mint flavor, you can immediately follow My Magic Mud® Tooth Powder with a natural toothpaste. The paste can make it even easier to rinse any left over powder residue.
  • Spit very slowly, close to the drain while water is running, and rinse immediately.
  • Take your time. Do not use if you’re in a hurry.
  • Open over your sink and never over carpet or anywhere else in your house.
  • The charcoal in our tooth powder will turn your toothbrush black, however this is completely hygienic because the high pH will kill the bacteria in your bristles. You may consider using a separate toothbrush if you think this will be a problem for you.
  • If you use an electric toothbrush, make sure that the toothbrush and your lips are closed before you turn it on.
  • Keep a paper-towel or dark hand-towel next to your sink.