BLISS ELIXIR tonic blend - luna 30g
Bliss Elixir Luna helps to prepare your body and mind for sleep.
approx. 15 serves

Jatamansi*, Passionflower*, Chamomile*, Lavender*, Gotu Kola*, California poppy* and Lemon Balm±.

* 100% certified organic.
± wildcrafted

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Drift with ease into deep, sweet slumber. This synergistic blend contains herbs to soothe the nervous system, quiet the mind and bring about whole body relaxation.

Jatamansi (or Indian Valerian), is classified as a hypno-sedative, meaning it brings about a state of tranquillity and induces blissful sleep. It is also known to be a potent antidepressant and anxiolytic (anti-anxiety), working via 2 main mechanisms of action. Firstly by balancing levels of the feel good neurotransmitters (serotonin, dopamine and GABA), and secondly by regulating the HPA (hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal) axis function. It has been shown to outperform pharmaceuticals in the treatment of anxiety.

Passionflower is a deeply soothing, potent nervous system relaxant and antidepressant. Chamomile, a centuries old remedy for calming nerves and encouraging restful sleep. Lavender has been proven to decrease anxiety, improve sleep quality and subsequently, elevate energy levels throughout the day.

Traditionally used for insomnia and restlessness, Lemon Balm is another one of the oldest sleep remedies known to man. It quickly relieves nervousness and agitation and reduces stress levels. It’s gentle sedative properties usher in peaceful sleep.

Sometimes referred to as “the herb of enlightenment”, Gotu Kola has a long history of use by brahmans, monks, yogis and other spiritual seekers. It is incredibly supportive to the nervous system (it actually rebuilds axons, which are used to transmit nerve impulses through the body). A healthy nervous system is linked to improved sleep quality, and vice versa.

California Poppy - Although this seemingly magic herb contains no opioids, it does have significant amounts of euphoric alkaloids. Hence it’s ability to dissipate stress and negative thought loops. It also has mild sedative properties to further encourage easy sleep.