LIVING LIBATIONS perfume - secret land of is 5ml MINI
Living Libations Secret Land of Is exists where the divine femininity of roses intermingles with Shiva’s masculine shrine.

Ingredients: essential oils of Rose de Mai, Sandalwood, Rose Otto, Mitti Attar, Spikenard and Vetiver, in a biodynamic alcohol base.

* all LIVING LIBATIONS ingredients are organic or wildcrafted
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The Secret Land of Is exists where the divine femininity of roses intermingles with Shiva’s masculine shrine. Flowers and roots and sandalwood shoots make this Secret worth uncovering!

As embedded roots shoot the first pollen of spring and petals unfold to the first rays of sun, a divine merging occurs, where two become one. In the Secret Land of Is, spikenard and sandalwood cast a fragrant spell upon sweet, impressionable roses. Flowers and roots, petals and shoots intermingle as masculine and feminine shepherd each element down a path of divine unity. In a secret place beyond thought and separation, wet earth embraces vetiver and mitti attar. The masculine energy of Shiva himself is soothed with the yielding, receiving energy of the divine feminie Shakti. A single spritz of this unifying fragrance transports you to the Secret Land of Is, where souls and scents unite in a sphere of sovereignty celebrating of the oneness of all life.

"Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I will meet you there." ~ Rumi

Rose de Mai – This smooth, hypnotic distillation offers the fresh, delicate sweetness of a rose bouquet doused in glistening morning dew. Rose de Mai is known as the “oil of love” and brings an uplifting heart to the Secret Land of Is.

Sandalwood – The heartwood of the sacred sandalwood tree smells of creamy honey and refreshing balsam. Sandalwood calms and rejuvenates, infusing this blend with pitch-perfect balance.

Rose Otto – Intensely floral and rich, Rose otto lifts the spirits, opens the heart, cultivates trust, and eases the pain of lost love. This precious aphrodisiac soothes worried minds, alleviates anxiety, and helps heal the soul.

Mitti Attar – This ancient, sacred oil is steam-distilled on the banks of the River Ganges in India. Mitti attar captures the essence of fragrant, fresh soil just after a rainstorm. This essence revitalizes body and mind while creating an instantaneous connection with the earth.

Spikenard – Deeply penetrating spikenard roots complements Mitti attar with exciting notes of woody, earth, and springtime soil. Spikenard is harmonizing, relaxing and balancing for body and mind.

Vetiver – Rich, spicy, earthy vetiver balances the sweet floral essences of Rose de Mai and Rose otto. Vetiver is grounding and stabilizing, bringing the perfect amount of yang energy to rose’s yin.