LIVING LIBATIONS perfume - lavish abundance 5ml MINI
​Living Libations Lavish Abundance Perfume contains Vanilla, wild jasmine, lavender, lemon, lime and seabuckthorn. A blend that has been called “a poetic masterpiece in a bottle.”

Ingredients: vanilla, wild jasmine, lavender, lemon, lime and seabuckthorn in a biodynamic alcohol base.

* all LIVING LIBATIONS ingredients are organic or wildcrafted
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Vanilla, wild jasmine, lavender, lemon, lime and seabuckthorn gather in an exquisite blend that has been called “a poetic masterpiece in a bottle.”

This perfume was born to inspire. Breathe, let go, and bask in the glow of the fragrance worn by the goddess Isis herself. Lavish lavender lies at jasmine’s bedside as delectable vanilla prepares a pathway to purity. Exquisite citrus enlightens the listener in a sweet-smelling story of endless erogenous depths… culminating in a lavish bouquet that keeps you company like a warm spring breeze while your heart beat is abundantly pleased.

Vanilla – Bold, rich, and unabashedly beautiful, warm vanilla prepares the way for the more subtle aromatics in this elixir. Vanilla is a potent aphrodisiac that awakens the senses, eases anxiety, and calls forth a new era of abundant levity.

Wild Jasmine – Wild jasmine provides strength and unity to this perfume, serving as the fragrant peacemaker between all of the other aromas. Jasmine’s delicate nature also unites disconnected lovers and helps mind and body reconnect with the spirit.

Lavender - Dusky lavender purifies this abundant blend, offering calming, clarifying, uplifting properties of peace. Protective and grounding, lavender helps maintain a sense of deep inner peace no matter how chaotic the outside world becomes.

Lemon – Refreshing lemon infuses this elixir with pure sunshine. Lemon improves focus, clarity, motivation and concentration. It inspires creativity while dissolving depression and alleviating anxiety. Lemon lends levity to a world of Lavish Abundance!

Lime – Lime restores, heals, protects and purifies. The clean, pure essence of this blend has lime to thank for its clarity of vision. Lime allows distractions to fall away as the pathway to spiritual paradise becomes crystal clear.

Seabuckthorn – It takes strength and stamina to cultivate joy, and seabuckthorn offers an abundance of both. Packed with compounds that naturally regulate serotonin levels, seabuckthorn also improves energy levels, fosters clarity of mind, and supports a certain level of mental musculature, which in turn allows the present moment to be more thoroughly enjoyed.

Immerse yourself in levity and laughter as you celebrate your own Lavish Abundance.

“Divine. A poetic masterpiece in a bottle. This luxurious scent is fresh and feminine, if you could take off all your clothes and swim in it you would. No if's or but's, just get naked and order enough to fill a bath tub, because this is one perfume you cannot get enough of. The delightful vanilla notes steps out first and foremost, followed closely by the sensual wild jasmine, it mingles with the citrus of the lemons and limes, impeccably balanced, and now the mix is one of ecstatic and galactic proportions. Praise be to Lavish Abundance, you can feel the levity of this lavish adornment.” ~ Lindsay

“This perfume is a powerfully poetic potion. Lavish Abundance is a true elixir blended by perfumer Nadine Artemis, it attests to her skill as one who in honoring the perfect concentrations in oils that blend into this luxurious scent, delivers not only a fragrance that is soft and velvety but one that awakens the senses that bring about a state of felicity.” ~ Paula