LIVING LIBATIONS frankincense face tonic 50ml
​Living Libations ​Frankincense Face Tonic refreshes as it nourishes, infusing the face with the ancient power of this smoothing, soothing “face lift in a bottle.”
Ingredients: Boswellia carterii (Frankincense Hydrosol and Essential Oil)

* all LIVING LIBATIONS ingredients are organic or wildcrafted
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Description How to Use
Refreshing Frankincense Face Tonic is a skin-quenching drink that drenches pores with its cherished moisture that skin adores.

Fundamentally, this Frankincense water is an aqueous version of the aromatic essential oil. It is a face tonic with a fine fragrance and ethereal effectiveness for hydrating skin. Frankincense Face Tonic gives instant irrigation of epic proportions. It refreshes as it infuses the face with the ancient power of a double dose Frankincense, which is a smoothing, soothing “pick-me-up in a bottle.”

Turn caring for your skin into a mediation with this fortifying molecular mist that may be used to revitalise skin after cleansing, shaving, and to revive the spirit anytime of day.

This special skin tonic contains both Frankincense essential oil and Frankincense hydrosol, which is created during the distillation of our Frankincense essential oil. It is particularly well equipped to meet the needs of mature skin, it tones blemish prone skin, and infuses dry skin with merry moisture.

FrankincenseThe fortifying serum of skincare, frankincense is used as a potent anti-aging ingredient. Sacred frankincense is said to infuse each and every skin cell with endless amounts of moisture, improving skin’s appearance and elasticity, and may even increase the production of collagen.

Frankincense HydrosolAlso known as “Frankincense water,” Frankincense Hydrosol is the special water that comes from the distillation of frankincense tears (no other water is added). This holy plant water is secreted from the distillation of the sap and it contains all of the micro-soluble components of frankincense offering this tonic its fortifying fragrance and ethereal effectiveness. Steam distilled from the sweet resin of Somali Frankincense, this hydrosol adds an element of the sacred to our Face Tonic, turning your skincare routine into a magnificent meditation.