Specialising in a holistic approach to beauty, Lisa Noto develops all-natural make-up using vital elements that nourish, heal and regenerate skin and have long-term benefits. Women now have a cosmetic choice that’s effective with no risk to their health.

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Lisa Noto works with passion to offer a cosmetic choice that is 100% natural as well as premium quality, enriched with plants, pure minerals and nourishing oils. Our therapeutic formulas include vital and essential elements for healthy looking skin and a global vision of health. Our makeup balances beauty and natural science.

A student in naturopathy since 2010, an ex-model and a descendant of a family of entrepreneurs, Lisa managed to create a long-lasting and completely toxin free make-up, a reflection of her three passions: fashion, health and love of nature.

The mission? To make it easy for women to move to natural make-up through a unique, regenerating and multi-purpose line of products. For us, to be beautiful it is to respect the fact that our skin needs a natural touch not a chemical one. We believe that makeup should improve our complexion and protect it while being versatile, simple and effective. From this idea was born LISA NOTO.