Kami & Kindred is all about natural beauty.

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Kami and Kindred palo santo wellness tonic has been carefully crafted to help bring your body and mind back into balance and keep your immune system strong. KAMI & KINDRED palo santo wellness tonic
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The founder - Hayley Richards is a certified plant-based nutritionist and blogger (gathergirl.com). Her love for the beauty and bounty of mother nature, and a focus on sustainability and the ecology of our planet crosses over into her slow-fashion, ethical jewellery and homeware collections.

Shelf life & Storage
Bottles do not need to be refrigerated until opened.
Shelf life unopened: 12 months.
Shelf life opened: 3 months refrigerated.

Can You Dry Out & Burn The Stick Inside The Bottle?
No, these are ‘spent’ sticks. The resin and oils from the stick have been transferred to the tonic during the long steeping process. These will dry out and can be used for a visual display but will not burn the same as a fresh stick, they burn more like a piece of kindlig after being spent - not so nice!