HELLO BEAUTIFUL is committed to creating products with organic ingredients that are free of titanium dioxide, mica, castor oil, carmine, fragrance, and dyes. PETA Certified cruelty-free.
From ravishing ruby to candid coral HELLO BEAUTIFUL lipsticks can be mixed to create something that looks beautiful on every skin type and complexion.


Is your lipstick matte or creamy?
Yes to both! Customers describe our lipstick as satin-matte, creamy, and moisturizing.

Is your lipstick gluten-free?
We have a customer who has a gluten-free diet for health reasons who has been using our Hello Beautiful! Lipstick happily and safely and has not experienced any adverse effects.

Do your lipsticks contain nano particles?
We do not use nano particle iron oxides or pigments in our lipsticks.

Do you have vegan lipstick?
Our lipstick is not vegan. Our lipsticks are made from organic beeswax and are lead-free, castor oil free, mica free, titanium dioxide free, carmine free, cruelty free, fragrance/aroma free, and D&C FD&C Dye free. Did you know that not all vegan lipstick is non-toxic?

Is your lipstick cruelty free?
Yes, we are PETA certified and never test on animals.

Do you use preservatives in your lipsticks?
We never use any synthetic preservatives in our lipsticks, but we do use turmeric and green tea oil which preserve naturally. We also do not use manganese violet or talcum powder.