BLISS ELIXIR he shou wu 50g
Bliss Elixir he shou wu - nourishing endocrine tonic - the great rejuvenator. Organic, naturopathic, powdered plant supplements based on ancient knowledge and modern science, for optimum wellness, longevity and beauty from within
approx. 50 serves

he shou wu (polygonum multiflorum)*

* sourced from certified organic farmers

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Known as the herb of intuition and longevity, we now know that He Shou Wu helps to support DNA protection and repair, stimulating some of the most powerful longevity promoting substances, including the super antioxidant, superoxide dismutase. 
In Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is classified as a shen and yin tonic. A herb that makes us “receptive to spirit”. “He Shou Wu benefits and stimulates our intuitive abilities as well, opening us to our deeper spiritual nature and awareness.”

It has proven neuroprotective effects (research shows the inhibition of markers associated with neurodegeneration in people with alzheimers), prevents dopaminergic degeneration caused by toxic pesticide exposure and improves mental acuity and recall.

He Shou Wu is also renowned for helping to modulate hormones, and replenish “Jing”, the “root of our vitality” by providing deep nourishment. Although it is an overall energiser to the body, He Shou Wu is slightly sedative in nature and calming to the nerves.

This herb concentrates tremendous amounts of “Chi” and nutritional components into its dense root system. When these roots are consumed, these life-giving nutrients are transferred, helping to both cleanse and nourish the bloodstream and related organs.