BLISS ELIXIR tonic blend - green devi 40g
Bliss Elixir Green Devi helps to boost energy, fuel calm, alkalise, cleanse, support and nourish the body and mind.
approx. 20 serves

Matcha, Moringa, Spirulina, Chlorella (broken cell wall), Aloe, Nettle, Alfalfa.

Bliss Elixir blends are 100% certified organic.

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Boost energy, fuel calm, alkalise, cleanse, support & nourish. Matcha provides a peaceful lift + immune boost, moringa a miracle array of nutrients. spirulina & chlorella aqua botanicals work to restore overall biochemical balance & are highly alkalising, while aloe (the Sanskrit word for which means "Goddess") purifies & soothes. Nettle promotes healthy cell structure and nourishes, while alfalfa provides a complete nutrient profile, trace minerals & powerful detoxifying properties.