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Revitalise skin in a flash as you help tone, calm and hydrate a fatigued complexion with our award-winning bio-active face mask. A plant-based powerhouse of flowers and herbs. AEOS herbal face mask
Price: $16.30
You'll earn 32 points
Gemstone Organic Mineral Masque is the next level of gemstone skincare to supercharge and detox your complexion. GEMSTONE ORGANIC mineral masque 30ml
Price: $39.00
You'll earn 80 points
An intensely nourishing, indulgent and uplifting mask with organic cacao for sensual luxury; argan oil to nourish, refine and detox pores; rose to restore and balance the skin; and baobab to gently exfoliate and deliver a burst of antioxidant protection. INLIGHT chocolate face mask 25ml
Price: $52.70
You'll earn 100 points
Inlight Flower Feast Facial Steam is a blossoming, radiance-giving blend of organic flowers chosen to work together to calm, soothe and hydrate your skin. INLIGHT flower feast facial steam 30g
Price: $24.65
You'll earn 40 points
Inlight Super-food Face Mask contains spirulina, so rich in chlorophyll to detoxify the skin, with barley grass and rose hip oil to repair – the combined synergy stimulates cell renewal and collagen production to plump, firm and refresh the skin. INLIGHT super food mask 25ml
Price: $57.80
You'll earn 110 points
Advanced hydration mask is an innovative treatment designed to help replenish and retain maximum skin cell hydration. This unique treatment can be used daily to elevate skin appearance, vitality and function. JOSH ROSEBROOK advanced hydration mask 45ml
Price: $98.00
You'll earn 190 points
Josh Rosebrook Cacao Antioxidant Mask to detoxify, rejuvenate and purify skin through powerful antioxidant and phytonutrient plant synergies. JOSH ROSEBROOK cacao antioxidant mask 45ml
Price: $98.00
You'll earn 190 points
Live Native Botanic Earth Mud Mask is a deeply cleansing face mask combining powerful antioxidant rich acai, nourishing raw cacao and spirulina with energetically rejuvenating 23k edible gold leaf LIVE NATIVE botanic earth mud mask 30ml
Price: $52.00
You'll earn 100 points
Living Libations Frankincense Honey Mask infuses the face with antioxidants, nourishment, and free radical-fighting compounds LIVING LIBATIONS frankincense honey mask 30ml
Price: $35.20
You'll earn 70 points
Living Libations Perfect Pearl Powder promises radiant skin and a fortified grin. LIVING LIBATIONS perfect pearl powder 50ml
Price: $49.50
You'll earn 90 points
Living Libations Rosemary Reset Powder can be used to spot treat acne, blemishes or as an all-over mask that neutralizes oil, detoxifies and evens skin tone. LIVING LIBATIONS rosemary reset powder 50ml
Price: $49.50
You'll earn 100 points
Resplendent Royal Rose Honey Mask is a cleanser and beautifier of royal proportions with ravishing rose petals and clarifying rose clay swirled into the opulent enzymes and nourishing nutrients of wildflower honey. LIVING LIBATIONS royal rose honey mask 50ml
Price: $49.50
You'll earn 75 points
Pure pearl powder helps to regulate skin discolouration (age spots, freckles and dark patches on the skin), as well as evening out skin tones (perfect for acne scarring) and smoothing the skin texture. MOROCCAN NATURAL pearl powder
Price: $45.85
You'll earn 80 points
​Moroccan Natural ​rhassoul clay has been used for over 1400 years as a cleanser for hair and skin. It's also  brilliant as a face mask to improve skin clarity and texture and a whole lot more. MOROCCAN NATURAL rhassoul clay 100g
Price: $10.50
You'll earn 20 points
A powerful detoxing masque. Natural clay combined in an herbal masque that provides a true detox of the skin. Removes oil, bacteria, and in some cases blackheads. RAW SKIN CEUTICALS acne detox clay masque 30ml
Sale Price: $27.30
You'll earn 80 points
4 - 6 week starter regime. Designed for acne, oily skin, and clogged pores. Safe for sensitive skin. RAW SKIN CEUTICALS acne gel masque 30ml
Price: $41.60
You'll earn 80 points
Made from extremely rare organic peat untouched for thousands of years and filled with reinvigorating bioactive ingredients with the highest organic detox abilities known to modern day science, we can proudly claim it to be the most effective face mask. VESTIGE VERDANT organic peat mask 100ml
Price: $106.00
You'll earn 210 points