ESSIAC HERBALS™ is an effective restorative tonic for degenerative diseases.

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This convenient and effective product is an excellent way to maintain a regular routine of taking Essiac whether it is for the purpose of managing an illness or as a preventative health measure to strengthen the immune system ESSIAC herbals 60ml
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Cynthia Olsen (pen name) is the author of several award winning books and a successful publisher. Ms Olsen began writing books on health in 1989. Her journey had led her to create an enterprising publishing company in 1990, Kali Press, committed to works addressing the full spectrum of life awareness, with concentration on natural healing modalities.

Her book Essiac: A Native Herbal Cancer Remedy received the Small Press Gold Book Award in 1997. Her appetite for continued learning and healthy lifestyle choices has amassed a wealth of information, which she willingly shares through writing and speaking engagements.

It must be emphasised that ESSIAC may not help you, your friend, or your loved one with cancer. We live in complicated, challenging times amid an increasingly toxic environment. We are also learning that stress, along with mental and emotional imbalance, may be the real cause of much dis-ease.