SAPPHO compact - square
Small / recyclable / chic / mirrored magnetic re-usable compact. Choose any of the Sappho blushers, bronzers or powders and they will pop into this magnetic compact.
Small / recyclable / chic magnetic re-usable compact.

5 eyeshadows or a blush and 3 eyeshadows! Any configuration will do to fit your life style.

* eyeshadows / blush / bronzer / powder sold separately
* this compact comes empty.
Price: $26.30
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Elegant, well made, recyclable and magnetic.

Build your own personal pallets of organic shadows, blushes and pressed powders with Sappho compacts.

Be part of the solution to reducing over-packaging and waste!

* Shadows / Blushes / Pressed Powders and Compacts are sold separately.