AURA-SOMA colour essence - blue 30ml
Aura-Soma Blue Colour Essence is ideal for the 5th / Throat Chakra.
Ingredients: Water (aqua), brandy (alcohol), energies of trees, plants, crystals and minerals.

Aura-Soma Colour Essences contain energies and information from certain trees, plants, crystals and minerals. Sympathetic resonance with your personal energies is the key to working with these beautiful essences, which are available in all the colours of the rainbow for particular chakra alignments, plus a rainbow essence for full chakra balancing. All the Colour Essences have been developed in co-creation with specific energies in the sacred Earth landscape. The physical structures of plants, minerals and flowers express the same universal principles which manifest in the form and processes of the human being.
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Description How to Use
5th / Throat


Plant: Borage
Tree: Walnut, mulberry
Mineral: Lava

May help to bring our attention to the breath in fostering personal peace and being in the here and now with clarity and creative insight.