In health and wellbeing, grandmothers are often the main bearers of wisdom and family tradition. With roots in the Estonian countryside, Siim Kabrits - founder of Chaga Health - learned of the family recipe for a chaga-based elixir that his relatives have sworn by for a century.

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CHAGA HEALTH Immuno Elixir boosts the immune system in both grown ups and children. ​Powerful Immuno Elixir is high in vitamin C, chaga, sea buckthorn and various nordic herbs plus honey. CHAGA HEALTH immuno elixir 250ml
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Picking chaga and pine buds

Estonia is a small country of 4.5 million hectares, 1.3 million of which are organic forests. That’s where chaga mushrooms and Scots pine buds are hand-picked for our elixir. Tuhalaane farm, owned by Arvi Salujärv, is one of the oldest homesteads we are working with. Arvi (pictured here in his organic forest) picks 2-3cm pine buds in May and June, leaving half of each tree unpicked. When harvesting chaga, Arvi only picks mushrooms that are at least five years old. Our picking areas in Viljandi, Põlva, Valga, and Võru counties are monitored by the Estonian Agricultural Registers and Information Board.

Beekeepers and honey
Our organic honey comes from Everti-Kõrvi, an organic bee farm in Viljandi county. It’s been in the beekeeping business for three generations and runs 100 beehives. Under the watch of father-and-son team Art Õun and Villem Õun, the farm’s bees collect nectar from organic forests in a two-kilometer radius. This means that our honey is made from nectar sourced from hundreds of plant and flower varieties, from wild raspberries to blackberries, pine needles, clovers, and everything in between. Bees are the busiest between April/May and the beginning of August. That’s when Estonian nights are the shortest and our meadows and forests are in full bloom.

Yarrow pickers
Organic yarrow comes from the Energy farm by the Navesti river in Estonia’s Viljandi county, led by Aivar Siim (pictured). In addition to growing medicinal herbs he also runs an eco spa. Yarrow is a vibrant herb that strengthens the body and grows on any soil in Estonia. Folk medicine has used yarrow to treat coughs, colds, headaches, and general weakness. Our yarrow is picked mornings of July and August — usually between 10 a.m. and noon, when morning dew has evaporated. As a result, the herb’s power and aroma stay the strongest.