All-natural, talc-free and corn-free body powder for men and women.
You won't smell like a baby.
MANDUST = pine essential oil. LADYDUST = citrus essential oil
MANDUST & LADYDUST keeps you fresh, dry, smooth, conformable and reduces chafing.

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Keep the Boys Fresh with MANDUST. A natural talc-free, corn-free, PINE scented body powder for real men. MANDUST body powder 100g
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MANDUST® was born out of the passionate search for a talc and corn-free, natural body powder, that not only keeps you dry and comfortable – but makes you smell like a real man…not a baby. MANDUST takes a stand against chemical-ridden products that shouldn't be used on important, valuable areas ( i.e. your junk).

Based in Toronto, Canada, MANDUST is here to provide men with an alternative to all the baby-scented and weird-smelling talc powders out there that just DON'T CUT IT. MANDUST is doing this for all the men out there who bring passion to their work, their families, their friends – and still find time to break a sweat throughout the day, doing whatever it is they love.