Potent thyroid support, detoxifier. Highly assimilable form of iodine, 400 MCG per drop. Thyroid protection from radiation.

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Iodine is necessary for roles beyond metabolic regulation

The importance of iodine to the biological function of the body traditionally focused on the role of iodine in the nourishment of the thyroid gland, particularly for the production of T3 and T4 hormones, and the regulation of metabolism. However, as the understanding of this nutrient progresses, we have come to understand that the roles of iodine in the body far surpass those roles it has been believed to fulfill. Iodine is not only necessary for overall health, but also is a crucial component of detoxification processes critical for sustaining life and health. Iodine is needed by the entire body to support health and healing...far beyond its critical role supporting metabolism and thyroid health.

Iodine supports detoxification

Detoxification processes supported by iodine include detoxification of heavy metals and industrial chemicals, which can compete with iodine for uptake by thyroid receptors and elsewhere in the body. For example, the addition of toxic chlorine and fluoride to municipal water supplies, and bromine (a known goitrogen) to foods in processing, as well as the prevalence of other goitrogens (perchlorate, thiocyanate) in the environment (and the food supply), all may contribute to other than ideal uptake of iodine in individuals exposed to these chemicals (that is, almost everyone), and hence to iodine deficiencies. Such iodine deficiencies can contribute to the development of many (often seemingly unrelated) health difficulties and conditions, most obviously those involving the thyroid gland, metabolism and metabolic disorders, and thyroid-related conditions of the endocrine system. Because more than 90% of Americans are iodine deficient, Nascent Iodine is perhaps the ideal form of iodine, as it helps to rapidly overcome deficiencies rapidly and safely, and thereby can raise your iodine status to optimal levels!

Dr. David Brownstein has stated that optimal iodine intake is the best solution to detoxification of toxic halides (bromine, chlorine, fluoride) which are ubiquitous in our environment (e.g., in foods, water, toothpaste, flame retardants, etc). He also directly correlates an overload of these toxic halides with tumors, specifically tumors of the breast and prostate. It is known that certain organs, including the thyroid, mammary glands, and prostate gland require (and store) higher amounts of iodine. The combination of an overload of toxic halides that compete with iodine for uptake, and decreasing availability of iodine itself contribute to a scenario in which the body no longer has the resources either to optimize the health of these tissues, or to detoxify toxic halides that vastly contribute to the problem. Halides not only compete for uptake with iodine, but exert significant toxic effects in the body. The environment is overladen with poisonous halides (in air, water, and foods). Since it is virtually impossible to avoid these toxic halides completely, consume Nascent Iodine to build and maintain your iodine status. Reduce or eliminate health complications arising from low iodine levels or from overexposure to chemicals competing with iodine for uptake in your body.

Iodine is deficient in foods partly because it has become deficient in soils due to modern, industrial agricultural practices. In many areas of the world, soil levels of iodine are naturally low. Iodine deficiency thereby has long been a worldwide problem. While a certain type of iodine is still added to processed salt, this form of iodine is not the most assimilable form. Not only is the iodine in processed, iodized salt relatively difficult to assimilate, but such salt is not the preferred form of sodium chloride. Unprocessed sea salts, including Celtic and Himalyan salts are not denatured by heating, contain a full spectrum of natural minerals, and unlike table salt are not bleached using toxic chemicals. It is clear that salt is not the best means to obtain iodine. This is true because processed table salt fortified with iodine is unhealthful, and because unprocessed sea salt typically contains only small quantities of iodine. Nascent Iodine is a readily assimilable, safe form of iodine that is vastly superior to the iodine found in common iodized table salt. It also provides much higher levels of iodine than natural, unprocessed sea salts.

It is notable that chloride (e.g., sodium chloride or magnesium chloride) can competitively inhibit bromide uptake, and help the kidneys to excrete it. This means that unprocessed salts can lower bromine toxicity, and even that low-salt diets can exacerbate bromine toxicity (especially when iodine levels are low). This highlights the need to consume high-quality, unprocessed salt. Iodine similarly competitively inhibits the uptake of toxic halides and provides the body with the means to detoxify them. For all these reasons, supplemental iodine in the form of nascent iodine is beneficial for optimal health. Proper iodine intake protects you against harmful effects of toxic halides and goitrogenic chemicals (e.g., perchlorate from rocket fuels) surprisingly common in our foods and environment.

Iodine was added to breads and baked goods beginning in the 1960s. Bromine then replaced iodine in breads beginning in the 1980s due to the false belief that iodine fortification could lead to problems with thyroid health (i.e., contribute to hyperthyroidism). Bromine in fact is a toxic halide that offers no nutritional value, and that competes with iodine for uptake into the body. The substitution of bromine for iodine effectively reduces the availability of iodine in foods and simultaneously blocks the assimilation of iodine by competing for uptake. Because Nascent Iodine is highly-bioavailable iodine, it effectively compensates for low levels of dietary iodine, and dramatically increases iodine levels in the body. Higher levels of iodine provide the metabolic boost that allows detoxification (e.g., excretion) of toxic halides and normalization of metabolic function. Iodine provides your cells with the energy needed to eliminate the very toxins that block iodine receptors and that reduce cellular energy in the first place. Improving iodine status is a giant step in reducing your toxic burden, boosting energy levels, improving iodine assimilation, and optimizing thyroid function!

Nascent Iodine can help to reverse the prevalence in the body of halides other than iodine, especially bromine, which is known to be a goitrogen (i.e., blocks proper thyroid function). For example, it has been shown that supplemental iodine can lead to a massive excretion of bromine from the body (e.g., in persons consuming or exposed to high levels of bromine). Dietary sources of bromine include commercial breads, baked goods, sodas (containing brominated vegetable oils, e.g., Mountain Dew), and sport hydration drinks (like Gatorade). Non-dietary sources of bromine exposure include flame retardants and other frequently-encountered chemical compounds used for industrial, commercial, and household purposes. Another source of bromine is pool water from pools where bromine is used instead of chlorine to treat the water. Nascent Iodine thereby offers an ideal solution to combating the toxic effects of common halides (bromine, chlorine, fluoride), and for safely and effectively elevating iodine in the body to therapeutic levels. Nascent Iodine is the “missing link” you may need for improved health and well-being, especially if you are iodine deficient (or overexposed to halides). Since the vast majority of people today in America (over 90%) are deficient, almost everyone will benefit from increased iodine intake. Nascent Iodine reverses iodine deficiency safely and effectively. There truly is nothing else like it!

Modern diets highly deficient in iodine

Moreover, the changing nature of Western diets, e.g., the trend away from consuming processed salts in general, and more specifically toward the consumption of full-spectrum sea salts, creates a more complex scenario whereby certain individuals may be obtaining adequate natural iodine (i.e., from full spectrum salts), yet many individuals will find their diets provide far less than adequate iodine to meet their requirements for this mineral. Biochemical individuality further complicates such a scenario. It is more than likely that vast numbers of individuals simply are not consuming enough iodine to meet their needs (and others are meeting their minimum needs but at suboptimal levels). Consuming just a small amount of Nascent Iodine daily helps to ensure your iodine levels never fall to the low levels found among average Americans. You thereby can avoid deficiency status and health problems that can occur when there are suboptimal iodine levels in your body.

In some sense, the intended impact of the addition of iodine to salt (i.e., iodization of salt) in the US beginning in the 1920s increasingly has been thwarted. Yet, some scientists argue that given the form of the iodine added to such salt and the highly processed nature of common table salt itself (e.g., heat processing and denaturing), this form of administration is less than an ideal one, especially on such a wide scale. (It is known, furthermore, that goiter is but one manifestation of iodine deficiency. The lack of goiter among the general population hardly indicates optimal iodine status.) Similar criticisms have been voiced, for example, regarding the addition of synthetic B vitamins to foods that have essentially been stripped of vital nutrients by processing. In any case, it may be true that the average person today may be getting less iodine (of any form) than the average person did only a generation ago. Further complicating the picture is the fact the typical vegetarian or vegan diets provide lower levels of iodine, particularly if sea vegetables (and sea salt) are not included as a regular part of such a diet. Other food sources of iodine include leafy greens and raw sunflower seeds. However, even these sources may not provide the levels needed by many individuals for healthy thyroid support and metabolic homeostasis in the body. This is an important consideration given the increasing popularity of vegetarian (and vegan) diets in the industrialized world. Whatever food program you choose (including vegetarian or vegan diets), Nascent Iodine provides you with rapidly assimilable iodine needed to create and maintain excellent health!

The US Daily Value for iodine currently is 150 mcg (micrograms). This is a relatively low value, especially considering that the average intake among Japanese is approximately 14 mg (milligrams) or nearly 100 times the US Daily Value! In fact, the current US Daily value was determined decades ago (and never revised) based upon the small amount of iodine needed to prevent goiter.

Iodine intake status correlates with human health

Diets providing inadequate levels of iodine historically have been common throughout the world, particularly in geographic areas where sea vegetables and ocean fish are not consumed or are not readily available for consumption (or where adequate levels of iodine-laden sea salt is not available or consumed). Cultures known for consuming foods high in iodine are known for their longevity. Modern Japanese, for example, consume perhaps the highest amounts of sea vegetables (i.e., seaweeds) of any people on the planet, and exhibit great longevity despite the prevalence of industrial pollutants and high-density living. From this perspective, the increasing popularity in recent years of sea vegetables (and ocean fish) has clear implications for improving iodine status among Westerners. Yet, for a variety of reasons (including lack of availability, differences in cultural palettes, heavy metals and toxicity in ocean water and ocean fish, depleted global fish stocks, etc.) there are reasons to believe that ocean foods may not be the only (or the ideal) means to obtain iodine for individuals wishing to consume adequate iodine in a way that is sustainable for the planet. NASCENT IODINE provides another solution for increasing natural iodine in the body. Using Nascent Iodine is a safe, sustainable way to consume iodine...Plus, it can reduce or eliminate adverse personal and environmental impacts.

It is well known that iodine is needed for human health and that lack of adequate iodine relates to less than optimal health. This may be especially so for the thyroid and more generally the endocrine system, which creates the hormones needed for regulating many physiological functions. It also appears to be true for processes relating to detoxification. Yet, because it is also true that optimal health requires balance throughout the body, we see that lack of iodine can contribute to many other suboptimal states of health, and likely can be a significant factor in most of the degenerative diseases very common in modern, industrial societies. In particular, any compromised states affecting the organs of detoxification ultimately can lead to any condition that requires proper detoxification for the prevention of its onset. Lessened function or failure of the detoxification organs (e.g., liver, kidney, etc.) can result in nearly any degenerative condition, and will eventually result in the demise of the organism, if and when proper function of these organs no longer can be sustained. Dr. Brownstein calls iodine “the most misunderstood nutrient”. He not only asserts that ensuring adequate iodine levels is an important step to improving health, but states “it is impossible to achieve optimal health if you do not have adequate iodine levels.”

Nascent iodine proven effective

The nascent form of iodine was discovered by Dr. S.A. Bisey in 1914. It has been known scientifically as “Nascent Iodine” since 1926. Nascent Iodine was immensely popular during the 20th century in the decades prior to the widespread use (and overuse) of antibiotics and other pharmaceuticals. Nascent Iodine saw use as a general purpose antiseptic and germicide. Nascent Iodine remains effective for these applications (e.g., as an antiseptic). However, because current trends indicate increased iodine deficiency among the population, Nascent Iodine is becoming important as a nutritional supplement that can increase and maintain iodine levels in the body. Moreover, science now understands that iodine deficiency often presents a situation wherein many different conditions or symptoms can arise, partly because obtaining adequate iodine is required for sustaining proper metabolic function. The entire body system becomes subject to various forms of stress and breakdown when healthy metabolism cannot be sustained. This is one of the reasons that iodine deficiency poses significant problems for overall health. As Dr. Brownstein states, “it it impossible to achieve your optimal health if you do not have adequate iodine levels.” It is clear that Nascent Iodine is a powerful agent for health, especially when you consider the multiple roles it plays.

Nascent Iodine today remains as effective as the day it was discovered. Yet, it is precisely because iodine deficiency is extremely common in 21st-century society that Nascent Iodine now is a critically-needed remedy for building, preserving, and maintaining iodine levels for greater health. Nascent Iodine meets the need for a readily assimilable form of iodine that helps individuals overcome the iodine deficiencies prevalent (indeed endemic) in our modern industrial world. The fact that this unique form of iodine offers many other benefits means that Nascent Iodine is the iodine of choice for the health challenges of today. Let Nascent Iodine be your best ally for creating optimal health!

Nascent iodine is safe, assimilable, cost-effective and convenient for boosting iodine levels, naturally

Iodine is a mineral critical for human health, but is especially important now precisely because it no longer is readily available in Western diets. NASCENT IODINE is a form of iodine that is assimilable, effective, and easy to consume. This formula not only can redress states of deficiency or suboptimal levels of iodine in the body, but also directly can contribute to providing the optimal levels of iodine required for good health. Nascent Iodine simply is the fastest, easiest, and safest means to get your daily dose of iodine!