We support the man who emits grit, follows his gut, seeks thrills and is known for his valour. At times, life can test your physical and mental strength, stamina and resilience. You’ve lived a life of ambition, determination and purpose – so why stop now?

Health, strength and wellbeing are our number one focus. Offering a natural and organic, TGA registered, Australian made and clinically trialled nutraceutical, Be Spunki is specifically formulated to combat the real issues and we confidently stand behind our quality and claims.
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Be Spunki helps to optimise the key hormones connected with male health, back to their beneficial levels, as they were when you were in your 20’s. Be Spunki helps to reignite your sex drive (both physical and mental desire); increase muscle mass and tone; decrease body fat (especially around the midriff); support healthy blood sugar levels and insulin response; and improve your stamina, energy and mental outlook on life.

Confronting challenges head on is a sign of a true man.You may fear getting older, but you won’t run from it. Take the plunge and get back to living an epic life. Let's do this.

"If you're like me and most guys I know, you're time poor, and don't have the space to sit down and research things.

"If you're like me, over the years, you have looked back at all the things you purchased, with the promise they would make your life better – only to be let down.

"If you're like me, as you get older, it takes you a little longer to recover from exercise, or get out of bed. Chances are, you're looking for something that has all the guess work taken out of it, something that does exactly what it says on the box, and something that is proven by the same folks who approve 'real' medicine. WELL GOOD NEWS - YOU'VE FOUND IT!

"We've taken the guess work out of the search for a greater sense of wellbeing, for the 30+ something male. Whether you're a tradie or a trader, a surfer or a sailor, listening to a DJ or sitting in your PJ’s, REBOOT is created for you, by people just like you.

"No more snake oil. No more disappointment. No more uncertainty.

"BE SPUNKI provides you with key ingredients that help reboot your system, back to the wonder years. More active testosterone delivered to more active receptor sites within the body, better cardiovascular function, lower blood pressure, healthier reproductive system, increase in positive feelings, more energy and stamina, control over your blood sugar, better sense of self and the like, REBOOT catapults you back to the glory years, improving your distinct masculinity like nothing else.

"TGA APPROVED (the guys who approve all medicines), REBOOT is a no-nonsense, therapeutic grade supplement, where traditional herbs blend with the latest in scientific research, to help you be the best you can be.

"Designed by a 40 something male whose sole target was to make something for himself (having spent a royal fortune searching for a product that would do so, only to find nothing), that would reboot him back to his glory times. Only the most reputable human clinically-trialled and scientifically-proven ingredients are included, from specific sources, to replicate the outcomes achieved in the human scientific trials, allowing you to trust your decision to step forward and improve how you age." - Shaun Sargent, co-founder of Be Spunki.