BE GENKI wildcrafted CO2 sandalwood oil 10ml
Smells like: Curling up under a woven rug in a wood cabin in Autumn.

ingredients: sandalwood (santalum spicatum) oil*.

* All ingredients are wildcrafted and made with love.

Be genki source all of their organic essential oils consciously from reputable and ethical suppliers who are independently certified organic by the ACO (Australian Certified Organic). Where certified organic is not available or at a lower quality or ethicacy, then we choose wildcrafted. All Be genki oils comply with high standards of appearance, colour, odour, and undergo in-depth testing to produce chromatographic profiles for the various components within each essential oil that ensures therapeutic quality assurance, purity of natural elements and the assurance that no toxicity or contaminants are present.
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Description How to Use
Popular as a spiritual element and loved for its aroma, sandalwood offers a range of benefits to the body, too. It’s considered to be effective in relaxing the body, helping agitation, insomnia and nervous tension. When it comes to skin, its soothing and moisturising properties make it great for remedying dry, cracked skin, rashes, eczema, as well as helping to balance oily skin.

BOTANICAL NAME: santalum spicatum
PLANT PART: heartwood
EXTRACTION METHOD: CO2 extraction (this helps to retain much of the 'natural' characteristics of the timber which are lost or changed during steam distillation.)
COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Australia (of the highest quality, using sustainable methods to ensure ongoing supply for the years to come)

Curling up under a woven rug in a wood cabin in Autumn.