BE GENKI radiant corrective beauty toner 50ml
Meet the toner that corrects, not clogs. Bursting with active botanical extracts, this handcrafted formula works to hydrate, balance and rejuvenate tired, stressed skin. Fragrance free and suitable for all skin types.
ingredients*: rose (rosa damascena) hydrosol, aloe vera (aloe barbadensis) leaf juice, MSM (dimethyl sulphone) from pine trees, vitamin B3 (niacinamide), radish root (lactobacillus ferment), water (aqua), glycerin (plant source), acerola cherry (malpighia glabra) extract, aspen (populus tremuloides) bark extract, mulberry (morus nigra leaf) extract, maltodextrin (plant source), Hyaluronic acid (sodium hyaluronate).

* All ingredients are certified organic, organic or wildcrafted (if organic is not available) and made with love.

All Be genki products are 100% natural, organic, GMO-free, vegan and cruelty-free. Be genki source all ingredients mindfully from reputable and ethical suppliers who are independently certified organic. Where organic is not possible, wildcrafted sources are chosen, to ensure purity.
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Step two in your beauty routine: meet the toner that corrects, not clogs. Bursting with active botanical extracts, this handcrafted formula works to hydrate, balance and rejuvenate tired, stressed skin. So no matter what side of the bed you woke up on, you’ll feel as fresh as a daisy on a clear blue day. Fragrance free and suitable for all skin types.

Balance your skin, calm inflammation and even your complexion so you can be more comfortable in the skin you’re in. We can’t promise it will balance your life, but it’s one less thing you’ll have to worry about

Be genki Radiant is a handcrafted face range to cover all bases. Each product is bursting with organic plant oils, antioxidants and active botanical extracts, designed to target specific skin concerns and give your skin the TLC it deserves. So no matter what the day – or life - throws at you, your skin will be left looking and feeling radiant.

Enjoy clear skin with a clear conscience; all Be genki products are made from the finest ingredients, ticking all the right boxes: organic or wildcrafted, fairly traded, raw, vegan, and free from toxins.

rose hydrosol:
Helping to reduce the appearance of broken capillaries and inflammation, the power of the flower is in its nourishing and hydrating properties, leaving you feeling calm and your skin feeling bouncy. It will treat your skin better than the 14th of February treats all the single ladies.

aloe vera leaf juice: From tissues and sunburn, to sinus relief and chest infections, there’s little aloe vera gel can’t do. We use it to soothe and condition the skin, boost collagen product and help reduce inflammation. Ours is organic, unpasteurised and cold-pressed through charcoal filters to help retain as many of the bioactive components as possible, making it the next best thing to fresh aloe vera.

MSM from pine trees: This fancy sounding ingredient is a sulphur compound fundamental for collagen production. And as you can guess, we get ours from Pine trees. It works to even skin tone, decrease hyper-pigmentation, reduce the appearance of age spots, and to soften the skin. As well as an anti-inflammaotry, it also encourages your skin to pick up the right nutrients and detoxing the bad ones.

vitamin B3: The supportive one in the vitamin group, B3 works to enhance cell growth, boost the effect of moisturisers, and to bring about a more even skin tone. It helps to reduce the appearance of age spots, blemishes and blotches, bringing a fountain of youth to your bathroom cabinet. It’s excellent at helping improve all skin types, whether that be sensitive, acne-prone, mature, irritated/rosacea or resting bitch face.

radish root ferment: Is a natural and effective anti-microbial agent, which means it restricts the growth of bad micro-organism on your skin and in our skincare products. It’s also extremely hydrating for your skin, giving you the look and feel of plump and balanced complexion.

glycerin: It works by attracting and retaining moisture in your skin - what the fancy people call a ‘humectant’. It will help leave your skin feeling as soft as eating a soft-serve on a Sunday in silk sheets. It’s particularly good for sensitive and dry skin types. Ours is sourced from vegetables. Not animals. We love our furry little friends.

acerola cherry extract: This guy goes by a few names so who’s to say where it’s from originally. What we do know is that it’s one of nature’s richest sources of Vitamin C, even surpassing the orange. It’s full of antioxidants and bioflavonoids - the latter helping the former absorb more readily into your body - making it a go to ingredient for supporting your skin. Particularly in regenerating damaged skin tissue, building collagen, improving the appearance of hyper-pigmentation, evening skin tone, retaining moisture, and protecting against oxidative stress, which can lead to premature ageing and disease.

aspen bark extract: Native Americans have known about the benefits of aspen bark for centuries, using it to treat a wide range of ailments. We love it for its moisturising properties and its ability to soothe skin, reduce inflammation, treat acne, and even increase skin cell repair. It also ranks low on the irritability scale, so even those with baby-bottom sensitive skin can use it without worry.

mulberry extract:
Mulberries are a powerhouse of nutrients; full of vitamins A, C, and E, as well as a bunch of antioxidants that fight cell-damaging free radicals. They’re also renowned for their skin lightening and rejuvenating properties, working to improve the appearance of sun spots, blemishes and other skin irregularities. Your skin will be left glowing and your body feel vitalised. The leaves go nice in a cuppa, too.

hyaluronic acid: They call this ‘the fountain of youth’ and it’s easy to understand why. It’s an effective humectant – meaning it’s really good at keeping your skin hydrated and full of moisture – and it has strong rejuvenating benefits, giving skin a smooth, soft, plump appearance, decreasing fine lines in the process. We get ours via a cruelty-free method, using enzymes from a bacteria based bio-fermentation process, as opposed to using animal products like many others do.