BE GENKI intense hydration treatment 100ml
More than a mist, this botanical blend hydrates, balances and rejuvenates tired, stressed skin. Designed to target specific skin concerns - such as fine lines, pigmentation and redness - to give your skin the TLC it deserves.
ingredients: rose (rosa damascena) hydrosol*, neroli (citrus aurantium) hydrosol*, aloe vera (aloe barbadensis) leaf juice*, macadamia (macadamia integrifolia) leaf extract*, kakadu plum (terminalia ferdinandiana) fruit extract*, lilli pilli (syzygium leuhmanii) fruit extract*, senna (cassia angustifolia) extract*, MSM (dimethyl sulphone), aspen (populus tremuloides) bark extract, radish root (lactobacillus ferment), alchemic grape extract, sodium benzoate (derived from fruit).

* organic ingredient

All Be genki products are 100% natural, organic, GMO-free and vegan. Be genki source all ingredients mindfully from reputable and ethical suppliers who are independently certified organic. Where organic is not possible, wildcrafted sources are chosen, to ensure purity.

Certified by Choose Cruelty Free. Certified by Safe Cosmetics Australia.
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Description Tried & Tested How to Use
More than a mist, this botanical blend hydrates, balances and rejuvenates tired, stressed skin. So no matter what side of the bed you woke up on, you’ll feel as fresh as a daisy on a clear blue day with a gentle spritz of this soothing organic plant treatment.

More like a serum than a mist, it's full of anti-inflammatory ingredients that help to rejuvenate, balance and visibly improve your complexion. Designed to target specific skin concerns - such as fine lines, pigmentation and redness - to give your skin the TLC it deserves.

The Scent
A luxurious and uplifting, yet opulently-earthy aroma. Sweet, ethereal, floral notes. Joyful, light and lemony-fresh rosy scents. To delight the senses.

Ingredient Properties

Rose hydrosol
Helping to reduce the appearance of broken capillaries and inflammation, the power of the flower is in its nourishing and hydrating properties, leaving you feeling calm and your skin feeling bouncy. It will treat your skin better than the 14th of February treats all the single ladies.

Neroli hydrosol
Extremely hydrating this beautiful blossom water has rejuvenating properties that helps stimulate the growth of healthy new cells, promoting smooth skin and a glowing complexion. Nature's gift of baby bottom skin with a scent that calms even the most frazzled minds.

Aloe vera leaf juice
There’s little aloe vera gel can’t do. We use it to soothe and condition the skin, boost collagen product and help reduce inflammation. Ours is organic, unpasteurised and cold-pressed to help retain as many of the bioactive components as possible, making it the next best thing to fresh aloe vera.

Kakadu plum extract
Ridiculously high in natural vitamin C, this native Australian fruit helps to promote collagen production in the skin, increasing suppleness and diminishing the signs of ageing. It also works brilliantly to help improve the appearance of pigmentation and redness / discolouration. Get ready to see your fine lines, sun spots and under-eye dark circles improve.

Lilli pilli extract
The Australian native that provides privacy to many homes up in the Byron hinterland. We love it for it's protection from free radicals, sun spots and blemishes. Lilli pilli helps to restore damaged skin from over exposure to sun and pollution whilst promoting hydration. Is there anything this plant can't protect us from?

Macadamia leaf extract
Another Byron Bay local, this nut is often seen in the bags of tourists flying back home after a visit Down Under. Whilst the nut is oh so delicious we love the extract from the leaf, that makes skin glow with luminosity. You can thank the anti-acne, anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidant activity for your most beautiful complexion yet.

Aspen bark extract
Native Americans have known about the benefits of aspen bark for centuries, using it to treat a wide range of ailments. We love it for its moisturising properties and its ability to soothe skin, reduce inflammation, treat acne, and even increase skin cell repair. It also ranks low on the irritability scale, so even those with baby-bottom sensitive skin can use it without worry.

Senna extract
The botanical alternative to hyaluronic acid, referred to as ‘the fountain of youth’ and it’s easy to understand why. It’s an effective humectant – meaning it’s really good at keeping your skin hydrated and full of moisture – and it has strong rejuvenating benefits, giving skin a smooth, soft, plump appearance, decreasing fine lines in the process. It also has anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial properties, which helps to prevent breakouts.

This fancy sounding ingredient is a sulphur compound fundamental for collagen production. It works to even skin tone, decrease hyper-pigmentation, reduce the appearance of age spots, and to soften the skin. As well as an anti-inflammaotry, it also encourages your skin to pick up the right nutrients and detoxing the bad ones.

Radish root ferment
Is a natural and effective anti-microbial agent, which means it restricts the growth of bad micro-organism on your skin and in our skincare products. It’s also extremely hydrating for your skin, giving you the look and feel of plump and balanced complexion.