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Energising and eco-friendly, the Living Libations Nettle Massage Mitt is the ideal implement for a brisk dry rub for an instant glow or a sudsy exfoliating massage for superbly smooth skin. LIVING LIBATIONS nettle massage mit
Price: $27.50
You'll earn 40 points
A gentle, soothing blend of essential oils designed to relax your body and soothe your mind. It’s as calming as swaying between two palm trees. And it fits in the palm of your hand. BE GENKI 100% pure essential oil blend 10ml
Sale Price: $37.10
You'll earn 80 points
​Living Libations Cleansing Charcoal Soap is a botanical bar soap crafted with purifying activated charcoal, which acts like a magnet to remove toxins from the skin. LIVING LIBATIONS cleansing charcoal soap
Price: $12.00
You'll earn 15 points
​Living Libations Clarifying Clay Soap is a cleansing, balancing bar soap made with gorgeous green clay, pure plant botanicals, and opulent essential oils to gently wash and detox hands, arm pits, and privates. LIVING LIBATIONS clarifying clay soap
Price: $12.00
You'll earn 15 points
​Moroccan Natural ​rhassoul clay has been used for over 1400 years as a cleanser for hair and skin. It's also  brilliant as a face mask to improve skin clarity and texture and a whole lot more. MOROCCAN NATURAL rhassoul clay 100g
Price: $10.50
You'll earn 10 points
Transform your morning ritual in a foaming cloud of nurturing cleansing wash, as you soften and smooth skin and invigorate your senses with organic and biodynamic essential oils, plant extracts and gem & crystal energies. AEOS beauty body shower 200ml
Price: $59.50
You'll earn 100 points
​Zen Shave is a nourishing creme experience and different from a foaming lather. You will find skin is left smoother after the experience. LIVING LIBATIONS zen shave 120ml
Price: $46.00
You'll earn 60 points