Babo Botanicals makes sunscreen that is gentle enough for newborns yet effective enough to protect everyone in the family. And unlike other zinc oxide sunscreens that remain sticky and white even after applying, our proprietary blend is non-greasy and it goes on clear.

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Who is Babo Botanicals suitable for?

Sensitive-skin specialists, and made specifically with babies and young children in mind, Babo Botanicals is suitable for everyone who is looking for effective sun protection, whether you are oh so delicate and sensitive or not.


Are all Babo Botanicals products natural?

All Babo Products are made with a selection of pure plant actives, naturally derived, certified organic or 100% natural ingredients. When a product has water in it (any product that is not an oil or balm), we must use a food grade preservative, which is less than 1% of the formula. Preservatives have been altered from their natural state and therefore we cannot claim 100% natural. We are very particular about what preservatives we choose in Babo products.

Are Babo Botanicals products organic?

Babo uses organic ingredient in all its products. Organic ingredients are marked with an asterisk in the ingredient listing of any given product.

Are Babo Botanical products vegan?

The majority of products are vegan. However, our Sport Sticks and Tinted Mineral Sticks contain beeswax.

Mineral Vs Chemical sunscreen - what is the difference?

There are two categories of active ingredients in sun protection: chemical absorbents and physical barriers. Zinc and Titanium Dioxide are mineral, physical barriers.

• Chemical absorbents, such as oxybenzone and octinoxate, work by absorbing the energy of UV rays and converting it to heat that is then dispersed in the skin.

• Physical barriers (mineral sunscreens) reflect the UV rays, bouncing them away from the skin.

Do your sunscreens contain non-nano zinc oxide?

Yes. All Babo Botanicals’ sunscreens contain safe, uncoated, non-nano zinc particles that will not get absorbed into the blood stream.

Why do you use mostly zinc in your sunscreens?

Zinc oxide is the leading mineral sunscreen ingredient that physically blocks UVA and UVB rays (and even UVC rays). It is considered very safe. As a single ingredient, it protects against all rays and sits on top of the skin to form a formidable barrier. Zinc is an expensive ingredient, so it is often combined with other UV blockers, but Babo Botanicals sunscreens contain up to 18% Zinc Oxide.

How are Babo’s sunscreens clear?

Babo uses non-nano zinc oxide which is mixed with Jojoba Esters to ensure they are clear on application.