AKT Therapy Elemental Skincare is a line of luxurious, buildable, non-toxic protection from the elements.

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AKT Therapy’s After Sun Botanical Toner is a blast of clean hydration. It revitalises skin by boosting and stimulating cell function of ageing and UV-damaged skin. AKT THERAPY after sun botanical toner 100ml
Price: $70.00
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Silky, lightweight AKT Therapy D-Luxe Daily Bronzer SPF 30 protects skin from UV damage, while providing a natural bronze glow. AKT THERAPY d-luxe daily bronzer SPF30 30ml
Price: $39.00
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AKT Therapy Elemental Sun Balm SPF 30 is a multi-use face balm that provides a glowy finish and sun protection. The best of all worlds: it’s a balm, a sunblock, and a base. AKT THERAPY elemental sun balm SPF30 30ml
Price: $65.00
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Lightweight and ultra-hydrating, AKT Therapy's desert-inspired Rad Face Oil revitalises skin for a complexion that glows. AKT THERAPY rad face oil 30ml
Price: $110.00
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What does "AKT" Stand for?

AKT Therapy is about embracing and celebrating the art of the body, as in the German art form “Der Akt”. Both my German and Norwegian heritage have contributed to my belief that true beauty is an outward expression of your authentic inner self. It it your true essence.

Why "Elemental" Skincare?

AKT Therapy’s products are specially formulated to protect skin from the sun and the elements. Beyond that, they encourage and embrace a skincare routine that is clean and uncomplicated. We love plant-based ingredients because they are pure and simple, yet also luxurious and nourishing. Simple, clean beauty: Elemental Skincare.