Customer Testimonials

There are many things that we love about what we do. Our favourite would have to be receiving love letters from our much-loved customers. Following are just a few …

Honestly I don’t get beauty products from anywhere else anymore, I feel like your attention to quality and detail and care means I have deep trust in all of your products and the problem is trying not to buy them all! Have found Living Libations to be such a godsend for my skin but have loved Josh Rosebrook, Inlight and Earth Wise Beauty so much as well. Thank you for the work you do! Protects women against harmful chemicals and imbues them with self love :) – Morgan

Be Naturallyou is like looking in a art gallery for beauty. Everything there is finely curated and I know that Sam has put in the time, effort and care so that what’s on her virtual shelves isn’t an empty promise. There’s a deep caring and kindness involved with the process from browsing, receiving emails and purchasing and I seem to end up with sweet little gifts and surprises in every package! How did I and the world get so lucky to have this as part of our reality? If you care what goes on (and soaks into) your skin Be Naturallyou is the first place I’d check. Thank god beauty doesn’t have to be skin deep anymore! – Rebecca

I first discovered Be Genki years ago in a little store called Mariposa (in Mount Lawley Perth) – you were there launching the range and I walked out with the sensuality body oil. I wanted to use it for myself as a practice of self love, to show myself some love in what was a difficult time for me. Years down the track and over time I have religiously used the whole Be Genki range of essential oils in my oil burners throughout the house – tranquillity in my bubs room for rested sleeps, vitality if I need a pick me around during the day… sensuality in the bedroom for both myself and my husband :) I have also used the body oils and find they are not only amazing for my skin but it goes so much deeper as to what they provide for me sub consciously, for my state of mind. Your website is a wealth of fabulous inspiration and information! I am in love with the AEOS Cleansing Oil! Hopefully I will be able to try the full range soon :) I have also tried the Morrocan Natural Argan Oil and plan to try the Prickly Pear oil also on your recommendation! But it is so hard to chose from all the amazing products, and even the new make up ranges you are stocking! I foresee endless spending lol! I love the fact that all the ranges you stock have your backing 100% through amazing ethics, research and results – this is something you don’t come across very often! And just recently I tried the Serenity Facial Mist (on your recommendation also!) and fell in absolute love! It is an amazing product, I would go as far to say that it is the best mist I have ever used and it didn’t last long as I couldn’t help but continually spritz :) I would just like not say that you have made a difference in my life – you have opened my eyes into what it is I am actually using on my skin, and how there are many ways to introduce self love and care on a daily basis. Thank you Sam! You are always so helpful in your advice, have such an amazingly positive outlook and seem just an all round amazing person! – Katie

I love the personal service, you really go over and above any other business I deal with. I also think you have a wonderful business. Thank you for your wonderful customer service, I have been talking about you to my friends and family. The HAUT range is beautiful, I can’t wait to receive my order and get amongst it all. – Janelle

I really enjoy purchasing from your shop, I am so impressed with any and all the products I have bought, but the special little additions and care and customer service makes your shop a winner and a delight! – Liz

Just wanted to say thank you for the order I received last week, which was insanely well packaged. I also wanted to thank you for the Be Genki surprise gifts – very generous and lovely of you to include them! And finally, I was so pleased to find out you stocked Living Libations that I just about kissed the computer screen – so, thank you for stocking LL as well. Their oils are seriously amazing. – Mevlana

I discovered your Be Naturally You Body Oil early in my first pregnancy when I first started hearing about the negative effects of some of the chemicals included in skincare and cosmetics. I loved the way the oil absorbed into my skin and felt so much better knowing I was nurturing myself and more importantly, my developing baby, with a product that was natural and nourishing. Your website quickly became a great reference as I began to detox all my skincare and cosmetic products. All my personal dealings with you over the years have been extremely positive regardless of whether the questions are related to your products or not. – Emma

Thank you so much for the gift and oil blends to try – they are amazing :) The [Aura-Soma] perfumes are so much fun to try on everyday and i’m writing myself little notes so that i can remember what ones I have on – I get too excited and want to try them all! hahahaha. I LOVE my perfumes and it’s so hard to find the balance of something that smells unique and is earth friendly. So many people have commented on them! Usually I’d just buy something and enjoy it without saying anything – but I thought how nice it is to have someone say something nice and to let you know that what your doing is making a difference and worthwhile :) Was a pleasure doing business with you and can’t wait to choose my fav smell and buy a big bottle (and all your be genki face mist and body oil – hahahaha) Take care and keep up the good work! – Stacy

I can really notice a difference in my skin since using your products. Thank you. – Anne Just a note to let you know my little parcel has arrived safe and sound. I had not previously heard of your products and website before so was glad when a girlfriend got me onto it. I have ‘special’ eyes that get very irritated with mascara and most eyeshadows, so I’ve tried almost everything out there on the normal retail market but haven’t had success so had given up trying to find something compatible with my very sensitive eyes. Last night I wore the mascara that arrived in my order. The results are an astounding success and am very happy to be able to wear mascara again – YAY!! I was (originally) going to give this order as a gift to someone, however, I’ve decided to change my mind and keep it myself!!! – Joan

Just want to say I love your website so glad I came across it! Also love the fast delivery! Will definently be continuing to buy products from you in the future :) Keep up the amazing work Be Naturallyou! You’re by far my favourite natural go-to website! – Tiegan

Thank you for my order, your prompt delivery is another thing I really like about your store! (Along with the excellent customer service, reliability and exceptional products! I have received my products & am very happy with them. It is so nice to find a supplier who has done all the research into healthy products & I will certainly be shopping with you again. I also want to thank you for the lovely gifts you included with my order, which were very unexpected but greatly appreciated. – Judy

I am amazed about how all the products are working in my skin, even the spots from the sun and the wrinkles around my eyes are lighter … can you believe it??? … so so happy and grateful for your advice!!! – Maria

I’ve said it before but i have to say it again, your service is second to none!!! And unlike others, you never fail to provide it; even as your business grows, THANK YOU! – Liz

I am hooked on that [MOROCCAN NATURAL] African Black Soap! It’s amazingly good! But in addition to that – the HAUT BB sample of ‘burnt almond’ and the HAUT pink Brightener are so good. I just had so many compliments about my skin/appearance and I just had used those – my new black mascara and lip gloss – all from you!! I’ve been battling a little eczema around my nose and the skin products haven’t aggravated it at all. V good! Thanks a million. – Jude

Gorgeous guilt-free ranges of cutting edge products that WORK! Love that there is no compromise on quality and style with benaturallyyou. The BEST go-to site for gift inspirations and luxurious treats. Passing on to all my favourite girlies… thanks Sam! Xx – Nicola

I just wanted to say my Neem Enameliser arrived here on Friday well packed and in record time, many thanks to the boys who dispatched my parcel. Thank you also for the gift that you included, a lovely scented surprise. Till the next order – Faye

Thank you, the Vintage and Respect [HAUT] colours are really nice, in fact I put them on and the neutral orange undertone looked nicer on me then expected as I normally use blue undertones. No wonder I used to get a fright when I looked into the mirror sometimes, but this time, with a touch of the Haut cosmetics I thought , “hmm, not too bad ol’ girl!! Thank you for my beautiful goodies, I’m loving them sick! The free samples of the AEOS spelt oil are just incredible, thank u so much. Am putting in another order tonight, the HAUT eyeshadow is insane. Thank you for such prompt friendly service. – Robyn

I just received my perfume samples. Oh my, they are beautiful and so very lovey! I want them all. Also a thank you for the herbal tea, it smells wonderful too, and I can’t wait to brew up some this evening. Thanks so much, I shall be a return customer and recommend people too. – Rhiannon

My parcel arrived today, which was in itself a lovely surprise that it arrived so quickly. And then another surprise!!! Thank you so much for the gift of nail polish remover sample and the herbal tea!!! I hope your days are sprinkled with fabulous bits! – Simone

Thank you so much for letting me know, and for the way you have handled my query, it is exceedingly rare to get such great service! – Conor

Thanks so much for my last order and all the lovely samples. The Live Native Cleansing Balm is beautiful! And the Moroccan Natural African Black Liquid Soap and Moroccan Natural Soap Bar too! I think the antibacterial qualities of both of those are not overstated! I really like the result! – Jude

I am really enjoying the HAUT products. They are just exquisite. – Imogen

I love the detailed information, especially about skincare and nutrition. I love how the website informs but does not preach. I love the recipes and health advice. And I love the competitions where we have a chance of receiving some excellent goodies! – Effie

I have been using AEOS for the past two weeks and my skin feels wonderful! I have very sensitive skin which often reacts to most products (even organic brands) – however, AEOS products work so well – they completely re-balance my skin and give my skin a dewy/glowing complexion. I definitely feel the positive energy from the crystals which makes me feel revitalized and refreshed every time I use your products. I feel very lucky to have discovered a company that puts so much positive energy and care into each individual product. So pleased with the results, I have just bought some more! – Emily.

Thank you for sending me those HAUT samples a few weeks ago. For such little pots they certainly lasted a good amount of time! Both shades you sent me were great. The Almond was actually a very close match to my skin as well, but the extra pink tones in the Macadamia samples made me look extra healthy. I hadn’t tried a BB cream before and was very impressed with those as well. Just wanted to let you know that I finally placed an order! – Amanda

I have been meaning to send you this email forever. I started using the AEOS Cleansing Oil early last year and when I bought it you send me some samples. I am a huge fan of the Cleansing Oil – I have sensitive skin and eyes and this product removes every trace of make up without leaving my eyes red and sore. I have been using it ever since! One of the samples you sent me – dew facial wash I really, really liked. This is going to sound a little odd but the first time I used it, I had ‘a moment’. It must have been the scent that reminded me of something that i cant quite put my finger on. I am aware of the philosophy behind this product range and chemical free products are very important to me however I generally gloss over most of the marketing claim in the skincare and cosmetics industry. All I can say is that the dew facial wash delivered what it promised! – Emma

The sample size (Aura-Soma Parfum) spray bottles are the nicest I’ve seen. Enough to actually be able to wear enough time to be sure before purchasing. I’m enjoying going thru them! Wearing 75 today and I absolutely love. Already receiving compliments on how smooth it is and how nice it smells. My mother has tried 30 and she really likes. I’m amazed how totally different they smell when wearing then just sniffing from the sample. Again, thank you so much. – Jen

I just wanted to quickly write to say thank you again for my prize – it arrived on Friday. It’s such a nice treat to unexpectedly win something like this, and this particular Winter pack is so up my alley and something I will really use and appreciate. I’m afraid I am one of the few non-Facebook people in the world, or otherwise I’d write a similar comment on there. Thanks again for your generosity and all the best. – Gemma
PS. I have recently had my second child and used your [Be Naturallyou] belly oil throughout my pregnancy. I do ‘carry small’ but am sure the oil helped a lot as I don’t have any stretch marks! It’s a lovely product.

I received the Live Native Mask on Friday, so was able to have a long bath and a face mask treatment to kick off the long weekend! I just wanted to say thankyou so much for your generosity… it made my week. – Be Naturallyou monthly giveaway winner

The products are amazing, Sam only chooses the best so I am confident everything I buy from benaturallyou is the best product available. – Chelsea

Thank you so much for my complimentary gift! It was wonderful to receive, not only for your lovely generosity but also because I had just started to get low on my current face mist so very timely indeed :) Loving the new Living Libations products & very grateful to you for making them avaiable in Australia. – Clarissa

‘Be naturally you’ is such an inspiration, not only in cosmetic choices but also in food and lifestyle choices – thank you for always being there! The thing I love most is sharing all of the information you give with my friends and family! You’re the best – Carly

I love being introduced to new ranges of skin care and nutrition – stuff that you wouldn’t find just walking around the supermarket or health food store. Be Naturally You does all the hard work for me, and I can be confident in trusting all of their recommendations. – Amy

I trust that each and every product Sam chooses has been thoroughly research and I’m confident I am buying the best. I love benaturallyou for the food, people and products as they are always inspiring. – Elsa

BeNaturallyou celebrates the best of human endeavours. Health is natural. Beauty comes from love. Vegan is not a dirty word, nor is it a religion: it’s just the natural means to a healthy end. I love the personalities featured, the recipes, and the beauty tips and tricks. – Lisa

BeNaturallyYou has improved my lifestyle by helping me look and feel better about and within myself. I never really realised just how small changes can make a huge difference. – Amanda

Thank you so much, that’s really wonderful customer service. Such a refreshing buying experience. – Helen.

My package arrived today, wow, thank you so much for the Be Genki vital body oil I LOVE IT!!!!! Also you must be psychic as I was looking out for a clay but wasn’t sure where to look and BAM, you are on to it. Rhassoul Clay will be on tonight!! Sam you are running a fantastic show over there, I’m so impressed, will be spreading the word I assure you, all elements are covered, it’s refreshing, exciting and kindness & caring seem to be at the forefront, kudos to you. Thank you again, and will be back shortly no doubt. – Tash

Received my parcel in record time today thank you so much and a big squeeze for including the facial mist that was lovely of you :) I noticed you have the [Living Libations] Frankincense First Aid in, I was a bit excited when I saw that and it will definitely be on my next order. Much Gratitude – Vanessa

I just wanted to let you know that I received the parcel and absolutely LOVE the products – the exfoliating cleanser has given my skin an extra smoothness and glow… and I have to say I have not been so impressed with a product like AEOS for a VERY long time. I am loving the Dew Wash small size I sampled and the moisturisers are devine, they feel like pure luxury on my skin. I think AEOS may be brand that really suits my skin and ethics! I am definitely going to be purchasing a large size in the moisturisers as soon as I can afford! I cant wait to give some of the other products a go also, like the energising conditioner (such a great concept!) and perhaps even the cleansing lotion and exfoliant! Thank you so much for your wonderful advice, the constant fabulous service and for stocking such amazing brands! – Katie

I really wanted to say thank you for incredible high quality products, outstanding service and very thoughtful packaging. The boys in the warehouse certainly know what they’re doing, all arrived safely with no spills or broken glass. I cannot forget to mention the freebies – thank you for the extra haut samples, loving earth bar and the very generous nail polish remover – I freaked at first thinking it was sent by accident but is on the invoice as a surprise gift. I am yet to try everything but so far adore the living libations products, HAUT hdd creams and the nail polish colours are phenomenal, nice and neutral – they’re waiting in the fridge for a not-so-busy day. I am certain I’ll be back soon … eyeing off your IME selection :) – Erin

I wish to thank you very much for the fast and efficient delivery of my recent order. I love trying out interesting and new products which you have to offer. Also to thank you so much for the extra gifts, I always get excited to open your packages to see what goodies you have given me and to open what I have purchased and try everything out oh what fun I have. - Suzi

Just have to say thank you so much for my order which I received today. So fast! Everything in it is perfect. Two different colour tongue cleaners - great - no need for my husband to mistake mine for his. The nail polish is a perfect colour as is the lipstick. Always a gamble when buying on line. The gifts with purchase are sensational as well. My dry lips have already had a coating of Epic Blend 😄, and I just love the sent of the Be genki Oil Blend and will be using it regularly. The sample radiant range which you sent me separately arrived today as well. I can't wait to try them. Thank you again. It's like Christmas! – Anna x