ZOO is the all-natural, organic, cruelty-free vegan deodorant cream hand made in small batches in New Zealand.

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ZOO deodorant is an all-natural organic deodorant cream made in New Zealand ZOO deodorant
Sale Price: $13.00

100% Natural Ingredients

We only put in the good stuff! Good stuff, like organic coconut oil and shea butter to leave your armpits soft and smooth, and arrowroot powder, kaolin clay and himalayan salt to keep you feeling fresh.

It's Healthy
Zoo Deodorant isn't an anti-perspirant... because stopping you from sweating is bad! Sweating is just one of the ways your body releases toxins - and you definitely want to allow that to happen. Instead, Zoo Deodorant contains a special formulation to neutralise odour and contains moisture-absorbing natural ingredients such as kaolin clay and arrowroot powder which work to keep you dry.

It's Vegan
Zoo Deodorant contains only vegan ingredients.

And Cruelty-free

It almost goes without saying that our product is 100% cruelty-free!

It's Made in New Zealand
Zoo Deodorant is hand poured in small batches to ensure freshness and quality.

And It's Easy to Use
You simply rub a pea-size amount into your armpits with your fingertips in the morning to keep you smelling and feeling fresh for the day ahead!

We Give Back
50 cents from the sale of each pot goes towards supporting The Orangutan Project. Needless to say, our product also doesn't contain palm oil or any of its derivatives.

We Don't Use Baking Soda
A common ingredient in many natural deodorants... but one that can cause an irritation for many!