Fred’s Stuff is all about Friendly Suncare.
That means being able to live it up in the sunshine knowing you’ve put something good on your skin. All of my stuff is made with the friendliest ingredients available, offering an alternative to the creams on supermarket shelves.

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Who is Fred?
Part mad scientist, part environmentalist - Fred is a tinkerer, thinker, surfer and ginger. Having skin that burns faster than a prawn on a hotplate, you would think it would make Fred want to stay inside. Nope, he loves the outdoors too much, so for years has bubbled his own home-grown sun protection made from goodies like beeswax and zinc, to make the day rays his friend. If this brew can keep him from looking like a smoked kabana, then it will keep pretty much anyone happy - with the confidence there aren’t any weird ingredients inside.

Hang on, Zinc Oxide sounds like it could be bad for you.
Yeah, it does. But, Zinc Oxide is actually a non-toxic mineral that has been used in medicines and ointments for a few thousand years, dating back to India in 500BC. Most importantly Zinc Oxide doesn’t get broken down by UV light or absorb into the skin like oxybenzone, avobenzone, octisalate, octocrylene, homosalate and octinoxate, which are common ingredients used in regular sunscreens. In conclusion, Zinc Oxide is rad.

Is Fred a hippie?
Fred believes in scientific results to back up claims, following doctor’s advice and looking after yourself. He also loves the planet, connecting with people and thinks unicorns are flipping sweet. If that makes Fred a hippie then throw some flowers in his hair and bring on the free love. As long as he can still go surfing, and spend time outside with his mates without getting pink, it’s all good.