Pranaline encourages balance, soothes stress, and supports a healthy lifestyle by providing innovative eco-friendly products that nurture our bodies and minds.

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Pranaline are health and wellness specialists, yoga professionals, designers and entreprenuers that have come together to create unique and effective eco-friendly products. Their passion lies in designing products for health-conscious individuals - combining pure materials with ancient wisdom and elegant aesthetics.

The Pranaline pranamat is the only acupressure mat on the market that can claim superior design, superior quality and eco-components.

The Pranaline pranamat is:
  • Beautiful, elegant and based on nature
  • High quality and made with natural materials
  • Effective and easy-to-use

The Pranaline pranamat may help to:
  • Regenerate and revitalize yourself
  • Relieve pain, spasms, tension and stress