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Bernard Jensen Dry Skin Body Brush has a long handle for those hard to reach spots, with detachable brush-head made of the finest Tampico plant bristles - a fine plant bristle that won't scratch the skin. BERNARD JENSEN natural tampico body brush
Price: $28.30
You'll earn 66 points
Bliss Elixir Green Devi helps to boost energy, fuel calm, alkalise, cleanse, support and nourish the body and mind. BLISS ELIXIR tonic blend - green devi 40g
Price: $32.00
You'll earn 80 points
Bliss Elixir Yin Yang helps to balance blood sugar, nerves & digestion, whilst supporting the liver and encouraging detoxification, for radiant health and smooth glowing skin. BLISS ELIXIR tonic blend - yin yang 40g
Price: $32.00
You'll earn 80 points
Bragg Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar is unfiltered, unheated and unpasteurized. It contains the amazing Mother of Vinegar which occurs naturally as strand-like enzymes of connected protein molecules. BRAGG organic apple cider vinegar 473ml
Price: $8.95
You'll earn 17 points
Advanced TRS removes toxic heavy metals like mercury, arsenic, aluminum, lead, chemical toxins, radioactive toxins and free radicals that impair your body and weigh down your mind. COSEVA advanced TRS 28ml
Price: $124.20
You'll earn 50 points
This convenient and effective product is an excellent way to maintain a regular routine of taking Essiac whether it is for the purpose of managing an illness or as a preventative health measure to strengthen the immune system ESSIAC herbals 60ml
Price: $51.80
You'll earn 127 points
Scalar energy charged ORMES formula to support the removal of harmful internal radiocontamination. LIQUID MANNA rad d-tox 118ml
Price: $50.80
You'll earn 102 points
​Living Libations Energy Brush is ​made with bronze bristles that contain real copper and zinc​. The molecular structure of these powerful bristles allows ions to be directly absorbed through the skin. LIVING LIBATIONS energy brush
Price: $51.70
You'll earn 155 points
​One of the most incredible things about Turmeric is that its phytonutrients actually attract electrons, which may lead to the long-term protection of cells. It is traditionally used to soothe damaged skin, detoxify the liver, and lift the spirits LIVING LIBATIONS essential oil - turmeric 15ml
Price: $56.10
You'll earn 130 points
​Living Libations Verve Tonic activates the entire lymphatic system while also stimulating the endocrine, circulation, immune, and detoxifying systems. LIVING LIBATIONS verve tonic 5ml
Price: $33.00
You'll earn 85 points
Nascent Iodine is a potent thyroid support, detoxifier and thyroid protection from radiation. NASCENT iodine 30ml
Price: $59.50
You'll earn 30 points
Planet Organic psyllium husks is a great source of natural fibre. PLANET ORGANIC psyllium husk powder
Sale Price: $11.00
You'll earn 40 points
Planet Organic slippery elm is soothing to the digestive tract. PLANET ORGANIC slippery elm powder
Sale Price: $11.00
You'll earn 35 points
Activated Charcoal is the most adsorbent material in the world, and safe to use both internally and externally on people of any age, animals and soil. PURE EDEN activated charcoal powder 150g
Price: $22.50
You'll earn 55 points
Redmond 'bentonite' Clay is an old Home Remedy used for generations. Redmond Clay’s origins are as old as the practice of putting a mud poultice on a bee sting. REDMOND CLAY bentonite clay 283g
Sale Price: $13.50
You'll earn 49 points
Use Oil of Oregano both internally and externally to get rid of internal Candida overgrowth. SOLUTIONS 4 HEALTH oil of wild oregano 25ml
Price: $39.95
You'll earn 82 points
Udo’s 3 • 6 • 9 Oil Blend® is one of the richest vegetarian sources of omega 3, 6 and 9, antioxidants, phyto-nutrients, phytosterols, lauric acid, GLA, polyphenols and helps the body break down fats. UDO'S CHOICE 3.6.9 oil blend 250ml
Price: $26.25
You'll earn 25 points
Beyond Greens® provides the foundation for optimum nutrition with the best that nature has to offer including organically grown cereal grasses – barley, alfalfa, oat and rye. UDO'S CHOICE beyond greens 255g
Price: $49.50
You'll earn 90 points
The most pure and assimilable form of chlorella on the market. A nutritional powerhouse. The King of alkalisers. The holistic way to detox. YAEYAMA PACIFICA chlorella powder
Price: $49.95
You'll earn 122 points
The most pure and assimilable form of chlorella on the market. A nutritional powerhouse. The King of alkalisers. The holistic way to detox. YAEYAMA PACIFICA chlorella tablets
Price: $28.95
You'll earn 70 points